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Bring elegance and grace to any room with the Peace Lily. The Peace Lily is one of the more popular houseplants for good reason! It is a certified peace symbol due to its delicate and striking white flowers that sit above the glossy green foliage in early spring.

Plus, the Peace Lily is much more than beauty and grace! In a study completed by NASA, Peace Lilies removed all of the tested toxins including benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde, placing it on NASA’s “Top Ten Household Air Cleaning Plants”.

When you want to say “I care”, the Peace Lily is simply perfect.

Growing Details

Sun Schedule: Partial shade to bright, indirect sun. They also grow well in the fluorescent light of many offices.

Pet Friendly: No. The Peace Lily is toxic to ingest.

Size: Approximately 24″ tall and 16″ wide in a 6″ pot

Care Level: Light

Water: Happiest when kept slightly moist – not too wet or too dry.

Grower Tip: The Peace Lily is so easy to grow that it tells you when it needs water. Just watch for its telltale foliage droop and you’ll know it’s time.

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum wallisii

Common Name(s): Peace Lily

Due to the nature of the product, pieces may vary. Plants may vary depending on availability but will always be as close as possible to what is shown, same style, and the same or higher quality.


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