The perfect plant when you want something carefree and easy! The Global Pothos features solid green tear-shaped leaves that cascade over the side of the pot. It is incredibly easy to care for and perfect in hanging baskets or plant stands where the foliage can vine freely, covering space other plants can’t. As a bonus, NASA has Pothos on its Clean Air Plant List because it removes formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene from the air. It is delivered in a 6″ pot.

Global Pothos is always an excellent choice!

Growing Details

Sun Schedule: Does best in bright, indirect light

Pet Friendly: No

Size: Approximately 24″ in a 6″ pot

Care Level: Light – perfect for beginners

Water: Likes to stay slightly moist, but will accept a missed watering on occasion

Growers Tip: Pothos are quite easy to propagate. Look for small brown root nodes and snip off a couple of inches before the root nodes. Remove any leaves close to the note and place in a glass jar with water covering the node. Place in a strong, direct light and watch the roots grow! In about 4-6 weeks you should have roots that are at least an inch or longer. Place your new plant in a pot with fresh potting mix and you’ll soon have another flowing pothos.

Botanical Name: Epipremnum

Common Name: Devil’s Ivy

Due to the nature of the product, pieces may vary. Plants may vary depending on availability but will always be as close as possible to what is shown, same style, and the same or higher quality.


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